Baby on Board Car Magnet

Baby on Board Car Magnet

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a cute alternative to the corny baby on board stickers you’re used to. Besides encouraging other drivers to be a little more careful, “baby on board” is also used in the event of an accident by first responders to know that there’s an infant in the car (you should place the magnet on the side you have your car seat)

instantly sticks to your car and can be instantly removed as well!

Before a car wash, we recommend removing the magnet.

to guard against dirt buildup, we recommend removing the magnet to clean sporadically. clean both the magnet and car with mild detergent; wipe with a soft cloth or allow to air-dry.

measures 5″ x 4.08″

the magnet sticks to all cars where the surface is made of metal (which is the most common) but please be aware that it will not work on fiberglass/plastic surfaces.